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Change Language of LiveUSB Empty Change Language of LiveUSB

Post  J_Valentine on Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:48 pm

Follow the instructions from to install CAINE to a LiveUSB

Change the keyboard layout follow "Change to US Keyboard" posted by joetekno

Open up a “Terminal” once the installing has finished

Type “sudo su”

Cd to the location of your flashdrive Ex: “cd /media/sdb1/boot/syslinux”

Type “vim syslinux.cfg”

If error “Write error in swap file” wait a few seconds and then the file will open

While in the file press “i”

Enter the code from the website "DEFAULT /casper/vmlinuz..."

How to change type of language

For US change the following settings from:
language=it to language=us
layoutcode=it to layoutcode=us

For other languages change these two entrees “/language=** “ and “/layoutcode=**”
Note ** is the language type (ex: us, it, en)

Press esc. to leave insert mode

Save the file type ":wq!" enter

Close the terminal type "exit" to leave sudo mode "exit" again to close

Reboot to your flash drive

Check the language


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