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Post  studio! on Fri Nov 21, 2014 3:48 am

Sorry for the post, I'm a newbie.
My son has a mac that he was wiping and resetting up, it failed tried to restart buy wouldn't, hit the web which said to format it in windows and restart in the mac process.  I have a drive caddy dropped it in to view the drive found it was looking at it the partitions had not even got to formatting when the Windows 7 Emterprise machine froze.  It would not recover so I turned it off.  Tried to reboot with nothing except a flashing top left hand cursor.  Also had an "E" data drive, took both of them out and tried on another windows computer with no luck.  Took them to a local shop and they were able to see the "E" drive only on a fast scan.  I asked them what program they were able to use to see it with and here I am.  I recovered all of my file from the "E" drive.  The "C" drive I'm not able to see it properly.  I reports that it is a 200 mb drive when actually it's 250GB drive.  The info on it is very important to me, it has family pics and vids.  Not sure what tools I should use to recovery it.  Any help would be appreciated!!


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