To unmount an image and a device (CAINE 5.0 Live CD)

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To unmount an image and a device (CAINE 5.0 Live CD) Empty To unmount an image and a device (CAINE 5.0 Live CD)

Post  ordipb on Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:48 pm


I suppose you have mounted a device (as sda4 for instance) on /media/sda4, and, in this device there is a directory named Images (/media/sda4/Images) where there is an image named MyImage.dd which you have mounted with the tool Fmount (Forensic Tools > Fmount).
The device sda4 is shown as an icone on the desk and the image "MyImage" also.

If you right click on the MyImage icon, and clic on Unmount, you have the message "Unable to unmount MyImage umount: /media/MyImage The image is not in the fstab (and you are not root)".

To unmount the image, you have to clic on the green icon of an hard disk "SAFE Devices mount READ-ONLY" (this one you used to mount the sda4 device ; not the Fmount tool you used to mount MyImage). Go to the last line of the list of devices : /dev/loop1 where there is also (in the Mount Point column) /media/MyImage, and select this line. And click on the button Ok.
MyImage is dismounted and its icon disappear on the desk.

Now, to unmount a devise, /media/sda4 for instance. You have to be root.
For this, use the "Caja root" icon of the desk. In the column "Computer, do a right click on sda4 and click on Unmount.
You have the message "Could not display "computer: ///". Caja cannot handel "computer" locations", and click on Ok.
In spite of this message, the device sda4 is well dismounted.
It's exactly as you did umount /dev/sda4 in the Root Terminal (so, being root).


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