Caine 2.0 on a USB flash drive

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Caine 2.0 on a USB flash drive Empty Caine 2.0 on a USB flash drive

Post  George Streeter on Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:01 pm

It took me a while to get what I wanted and I figured others might benefit from my learning.

The NBCaine.dd file did work but when I went to install the docbook-utils there was not enough space on the device. So I tried using the universal USB installer from That allowed me to create a casper-rw file that was large enough for my 4G flash drive. I then copied the larger casper-rw file to save it. Next I followed the instructions here to dd the nbcaine.dd file to the drive. Next I used gparted to expand the drive out to the full 4G. And lastly I copied the larger casper-rw file from earlier back to the flash drive overwriting the small one that nbcaine.dd restored.

I now have a 4G flash drive that boots Caine 2.0 with a bunch of storage space. I hope this helps someone else.

George Streeter

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