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Caine 6.0 installation Empty Caine 6.0 installation

Post  nannib on Tue Oct 28, 2014 10:44 am

This is a good guide:

and here are others info:
For installing Caine 6.0 in UEFI mode, you have to make a little partition in Vfat (approx.100Mb) for the mount point /boot/efi, then you can install all the system in the mount point "/".
After installing Caine on your HD, you have to edit the /usr/sbin/rbfstab, changing swapoff -a in swapon -a and the row swap) OPTIONS=ro,noauto ;; with swap) OPTIONS=rw,auto ;;, then reboot
For Caine 6.0, the SystemBack installer present can't set SWAP partition, so you can install Caine without the swap partition, if you need to create and activate the swap, you can do it after installation using gparted (booting from a live distro) and editing /etc/fstab file or before installing Caine, upgrade SystemBack.

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Caine 6.0 installation Empty Swap activation

Post  ordipb on Wed Nov 26, 2014 9:44 am

Hello Nannib.

I follow your indications above to activate swap on the installed Caine.

First, I created a swap partition, with gparted, on /dev/sda3 (sda1 is for / and sda2, for /home), as linux-swap.

I modified the rbfstab as you indicate : swapon -a and swap) OPTIONS=rw,auto ;;

After reboot, rbfstab has written in fstab :
/dev/sda3 /media/sda3 swap rw,auto 0 0
I am surprised by the /media/sda3. It's not usal to have a mounting point (/media/sda3) for the swap. Usually, for the swap partition, we have "none" instead of a mounting point.

What do you think about ?

In spite of this, all seems working well. So it is impossible to mount /dev/sda3 on the mounting point /media/sda3 ; the mount command returns "/dev/sda3 looks like swapspace - not mounted", that is normal.

Have a good day.


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