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SFDumper v.2.0 beta Empty SFDumper v.2.0 beta

Post  denis on Tue Jun 09, 2009 5:00 pm

Yesterday we announced the availability of version 2.0 beta of Sfdumper.
The previus version was included in Caine distro, after a beta test session, we hope to integrate this version in the new relaese of Caine.
To do this we need to verify the proper functioning of the script in the widest variety of cases, what is feasible in the real work. For this reason we ask those who have desire to offer himself as a tester.
In this version of Sfdumper, which is just in terminal windows, we have tried to meet some users requests and to summarize briefly, the news are:
- The script can be launched from the command line, using the function of auto completion of files and directory path, or in interactive mode, as in the past.
- Now you have the count of the files recovered, active, deleted and retrieved with the carving and of the deleted duplicates.
- In this versione, Sfdumper highlights the progress in recovering the files.
- The script now works on raw, ewf, aff file immage type, single or splitted.

More information you can read here
http://sfdumper.sf.net/news.htm (in english)
, or the page of my blog ( http://www.denisfrati.it/?p=1446 ) in Italian.


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