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Post  mansoor92 on Sun Jun 10, 2012 4:27 pm

Hi guys

My apologies if I have been ignorant or am posting this in the wrong section but here goes.

I have been into gnu/Linux for the last 4 to 5 years and still consider myself a newbie. Due to study, work, life and other commitments, I havn't been able to dedicate enough time into this but I simply love it.

Now the issue is that I recently ran a project (uni and work) relying deeply on Caine as my job involves digital forensics. I knew enough about gnu/Linux & thats how I wanted everyone to know and use these great tools. I have put forward this proposal to integrate Caine into our investigations and beyond rather than pay for services + use proprietary softwares like Nuix etc. The day before the submission due with only a few hours to spare, Caine crashed leaving my career and life in the balance. Yes I knew my ways around so I used the Live CD get some work done.

But this left me with a question that why gnu/linux (definitely stable but) proved a little unreliable. I am still unable to switch to gnu/linux completely. I am not giving up yet and I won't. But a big question mark for me / all of us.

Just want some general discussion here.



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Post  slo.sleuth on Tue Jun 12, 2012 8:04 pm

The day before the submission due with only a few hours to spare, Caine crashed leaving my career and life in the balance.

Without knowing details about the crash, its impossible to discuss this issue. I can only impart my experience: Linux is not immune from crashes, though most problems are actually application crashes, not the base OS. The most common problem is during updates, the user either blindly accepting or failing to accept a changed settings file.

My early Linux days, I caused "crashes" that I could not fix. Now, a few years later, I am able to recover from most any problem, without reinstalling the OS, because I understand the OS better and understand what is the source of the problem. Windows can still get into a state where the only viable recovery is re-installation.

I guess that what I'm driving at is this: Linux is reliable, users are less so. The more you understand the nuts and bolts of your chosen operating system, the more you can cope with unexpected conditions. This is not meant as a personal insult or an attack on your skills. It is meant to encourage you to dive into the deep end of the Linux pool, not just dip your toes in the shallow end.

Good Luck and welcome to Linux!

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