CAINE 1.5 Installed... Installing WINE

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CAINE 1.5 Installed... Installing WINE Empty CAINE 1.5 Installed... Installing WINE

Post  joetekno on Wed Mar 10, 2010 4:03 am

Installing and Using CAINE and Wine to use Windows forensic applications

Wine is an application that will allow you to run “some” Windows applications on top of Linux. A simple Windows utility, especially one with a GUI, is often times easier for my students to use and learn a "concept" than a command line Linux utility.

Wine Install

1. Click “Menu”…System… Administration… Synaptic Package Manager
2. Click the “Search” button
3. Type “Wine”
4. Click the “Search” button
5. Click the “Wine” checkbox and select “Mark for Installation”
6. Click the “Mark” button
7. Click the “Apply” button
8. Click the “Apply” button
9. Exit “Synaptic Package manager” (File… Quit)

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